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NEW – Transition Arts Group

Monday, December 6th, 2010

A new SLACC sub group has been set up focusing on the arts, convened by Mandy Barnett.

The recently formed Creative Group`s aim is to spread the overall Transition Town message as widely as possible,

in fun and engaging ways, to challenge and inspire!

Transition Town, yes, but to what, why and how?

We may have a clear vision of where we hope and want to be, but we need to portray that in ways that make it desirable and accessible for all -  through articles, displays, stories, poems, drama, artwork, mosaics, dance …… and more….

We are initially planning

a) Creative Commando operation around Kendal and

b) South Lakes Unplugged –pedal powered performance at our local festivals, starting with a  Stunt Bike Dance

After several initial meetings, the group have agreed these two projects that a couple of people were happy to make happen, although they are very open to other things happening too if people want a different focus.

All very welcome. See SLACC newsletters for dates of meetings, generally held at the Castle Street Centre in Kendal.