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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Have you always wanted to be in the Torchlight? Come and cycle with us at the head of the procession. Wear red and gold or just come along anyway.

Hang lanterns off your bike.

Ride a tandem.

Bring your kids.

Anything goes!

Its all about promoting cycling and having fun. Meet at 6.45 at the Leisure Centre. Any Qs ring 01539 822165. See you on Friday!

bike deco

Torchlight deco #3

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

… much simpler than the bike plane is the crocheted bike seat cover! Isn’t it cute!


Remember that our colour theme for the Torchlight Procession is RED and GOLD. Please wear similar colours to make more of an impact. We want as many cyclists, families, kids and everyone else to turn up with their bikes… so tell your mates! Meet us at 6.45pm at Kendal Leisure Centre, Friday September 10th. Any questions ring Ruth or Lorna on 01539 822165

Torchlight bike decoration #2

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Here’s some more inspiration for you to decorate your bike in time for Kendal Torchlight on 10th Sept…


I hope you’ll come and join us. We want as many cyclists, families, kids and everyone else to turn up with their bikes as possible to make as big an impact as we can! Meet us at 6.45pm at Kendal Leisure Centre

Torchlight by bicycle

Sunday, August 1st, 2010


A few SLACCers are organising a BIKE PARADE to go ahead of the floats at Kendal’s Torchlight procession… yay! We’re looking for as many cyclists as possible to join us making a stand against smelly lorries and for leg power! Its going to be great fun, we’ve got a tricycle sound system oiled up and ready to go so we can bop and groove our way around town. Please come and join us!

The theme of this year’s Torchlight is Celebration, so dig out that dusty old bike and help us celebrate cycling! Thats about as much info as we have so far but if you want to come along and you want more info ring Ruth or Lorna on 01539 822165.

We’ve chosen a colour theme of red and gold, get creative and decorate yourself and your bike. Here’s a bit of bike decoration to get you inspired…

A bike skirt!