Ban Tar Sands

URGENT! On 2nd December EU member states meet to vote on whether to implement what will effectively be a ban on the import of very high emissions fuels (such as from The Tar Sands) into the EU. However – the UK government wants this implementation (of the Fuel Quality Directive) blocked or delayed until the imports have become a fixed reality or ‘locked in’ (as the IEA’s Birol puts it). It will only take you about 5 minutes or so to ‘sign’ and ‘send’ the template email provided by People & Planet to go to Minister Norman Baker to urge him against this folly:

CO2 emissions in extracting oil from the Tar Sands in Alberta are an incredible 4.9 times higher than from conventional sources, making the whole ‘life-cycle emissions’ (‘wells to wheels’ including combustion) as 23% higher (source: EU commissioned peer-reviewed report by Adam Brandt). We must keep this dirty fuel out of Europe! If you have more time – please email Tim Farron or even tweet him (@timfarron) to urge Norman Baker (LibDem) not to obstruct the Fuel Quality Directive.

Would you like to make Kendal a Tar Free Town? Click here to find out more:

Do also have a look at ‘Kendal’s’ Tar Sands website: – includes amusing animation!

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