New supermarket threat to Ulverston

Keep Ulverston Special Campaign
- instigated by a number of local people, local businesses and councillors
This campaign has been started because Robinsons, who own the Brewery site (just off the roundabout as you come into Ulverston) have put in planning permission to South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) to build a 25,000 square feet supermarket with an underpass to an underground car park raising the existing road by 2 metres.
The campaign has got off to a flying start. A lively public meeting was held last Thursday which was full (around 400 people) at which Robinsons explained how they wanted to enhance Ulverston and that the footfall to the town would be increased. Someone in the audience pointed out that the research which gave them that information was commissioned by Tesco !
We have a petition for people to sign to oppose the plan (over 300 signatures so far) and we are urging people to write to the planning officer Kate Lawson, South Lakeland District Council, South Lakeland House Lowther St Kendal LA9 4DL.In the Autumn we have further plans with a poster campaign in the local shops leading up to the point at which SLDC will vote on the planning application.
For those of you who live in Kendal or the surrounding area a letter to the planning officer would be invaluable since there are only 6 councillors representing Ulverston and other councillors may be convinced by the principle of keeping Ulverston a market town full of thriving independent shops with the money staying in the town.
You may also consider writing to your own SLDC councillor who will have a vote.
Lastly, some of us have considered boycotting Robinsons beer until they drop the proposal – there may be more on this in the future depending on how the campaign is going.
If anyone has creative ideas as to how to grab the attention of North-West TV since Robinsons brewery is based in Stockport, Greater Manchester please let me know

(Article contributed by Judy Filmore, Ulverston Green Party)

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