The Day of Action

Aim: Enter Kingsnorth power station and shut it down
Method: Air, Sea, Land and Air
Outcome: Varied

The day of action saw groups taking to land and sea to reach the power station.


One group came by road, holding banners and placards, with music and dancing. They were allowed to reach the gates of the powerstation before being told to turn back. When over 20 protestors refused to leave, they were arrested.


A land group made it the fence kings north and scaled the first palisade fence with the help of some convenient bits of fencing lying around. They made it to the second electrified fence before being turned back.



The Great Rebel Raft Regatta (Grrr) saw 123 people take to the water. Some made it the jetty of the power station, some to a small island where banners were hung. Many were pulled from the water by the police and their boats destroyed.


Overall the day was a great success with a whole load of fun and a whole load of media attention.

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