Welcome to the SLACC Blog.  Feel free to post here any comments you have about the website or climate change.  Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Liz Horn says:

    I’m looking forward to finding out more about SLACC as the site develops.
    I work for a renewable company based in Lancaster called Woosh Energy. We are currently working with a number of local schools and are really keen to work with other schools or community groups interested in installing renewable energy technologies. We can help with grant finding and have been successful in getting projects 100% grant funded. For more information please do get in contact via liz@wooshenergy.com or 01524 590590

  2. Amaryl says:

    Very good post! Thank you for the work done!

  3. Jim Spence says:

    Jim Spence…

    I was searching for Blogs about camp grant and found this site. I am interested in your content and appreciate sites like this….

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