Climate Caravan

Climate Caravan


The climate caravan is a mix of strange bicycles, banners,  and colorful people all slowly making their way from Heathrow (venue for last years climate camp) to Kingsnorth where it will arrive on Sunday having travelled 60 miles. They are stopping off at various venues on the way to let people know about the camp and holding film evenings and talks.


SLACC member Sonny (shown here) has been there since the beginning.

Yesterday the theme of the day was Climate and Capitalism. And central london became the perfect venue for drawing attention to some corporate climate criminals. There were fleeing penguins and polar bears, and climate refugees fleeing in boats. The procession held up the traffic over london bridge for over and hour, before making its way into into the City of London.



The caravan headed for the global investment banking and securities firm Goldman Sachs, where a long speech was made through the bike sound system about the sort of ‘investments’ Goldman Sachs are involved in, and how this relates to Climate Change and its effects on communities and the environment. It was also pointed out that Goldman Sachs had already been targeted before by the Justice For Cleaners campaign, for their low standards of employment conditions for the City’s army of invisible cleaners.

The Caravan then moved to St Paul’s Cathedral where it stopped for a couple of hours for lunch. A photo exhibition was set up, whilst the bike sound system kept playing chill tunes for the participants, as well as for the many tourists that approached it to find out what was all that about.

The Caravan then set off for the meeting point at Liverpool Street station, where it was joined by some more people waiting there. It then moved to the nearby headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland, where bags full of pennies where thrown at the main entrances to symbolize the corporation’s investments in Climate Chaos.


Thanks to for the write up and Kristian Buus for the photos of the day

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