Transition living – Leaf Curd

This month’s Transition Living event saw 14 people come along to learn how to make high protein and nutritious curd from wild edible leaves and grass.

Unfortunately due to the weather and the large amount of snow on the ground no grass could be collected, so we had to make do with half a dozen cabbages instead.

Everyone got immediately stuck in – one group shredding the leaves, one group liquidising them and another group sieving out the pulp using a pillow case.

shredding, juicing and sieving the cabbages

 After sieving we ended up with several litres of juice which was then brought to the boil for several minutes.  The curd precipitates out of the water and is seen floating on the top, but also stuck to the sides and bottom of the pan.  After the liquid has cooled a little it is then sieved through a fine sieve (ideally silk) and what remains is the leaf concentrate or curd.

the leaf curd

This is a very high quality protein – as good as meat – and can also be made from regular grass or any wild edible leaf.  Amazing!

Our next step was to mix the curd with egg, breadcrumbs and herbs to make veggy meatballs which we then cooked and ate.  Delicious!

For more on our Tansition Living events, see our current spring 2010 programme here:

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