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6 Billion Ways – 2011

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

The 6 Billion Ways activists conference on 5 march in Bethnal Green was part exciting, part frustrating, part inspiring.  Aiming to build a global justice movement, we cheered Gigi Ibrahim, Egyptian activist; were challenged by Omar Barghouti the Palestinian Human Rights Campaigner ” to decolonise your minds” ;  inspired by Krissie Nicholson, Local Organiser, London Citizens who got better pay for thousands of Londoners by focused campaigning against  HSBC;  and given hope by the great young people from UK uncut and 38 degrees.

Andy and I covered some different sessions,  Banker turned activist Sargon Nissan was fascinating on the History of Money. Tariq Ramadan, professor of contemporary Islamic studies,  Oxford, Paul Sims, New Humanist and Garth Hewitt, Amos Trust asked can we wake the sleeping giant of religion to put people before profit. Just remember capitalism was originally forbidden in Christianity, Judaism and Islam! A bit of repentance is in order I think…

Pablo Solon the Bolivia’s ambassador to the UN spoke on screen, really interesting but crowded session. It ended with a rousing rally, and then a party.  I must confess Andy and I skipped the crash pad as we were offered a comfy room by Deborah, the Director of WDM (The World Development Movement). What lessons did we come home with? The focused activism of London Citizens was impressive, and we have people in SLACC-TT who know the theory and could help us apply it. I was glad to be part of WDM who helped run the conference and have lots of links with the Global South, but I was glad too to be part of SLACC-TT  with good people trying to tackle big issues in a local and practical way. – Take Care – Maggie  M xxxx