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South Lakes Cycle Challenge Awards

Thursday, July 28th, 2011


Well done to all 228 people who  took part in the 2011 South Lakes Cycle Challenge. Nearly 52,000 miles were cycled in the 6 week period with 28,000 of those miles for commuting. Almost 8000Kg’s of CO2 were saved by making those trips by bike.

Thanks to Tim Farron MP for presenting the pries yesterday in a ceremony on the Brewery Arts Centre steps.

 Winner of the New or returning cyclist category: Maxine Allison from Designworks with 51 trips by bike. 2nd place Dave Howard, 3rd Jon Robinson.

Winner of the team with the highest mileage: The Lakes School with 3613 miles in total. 2nd Fleet Fox’s – LDNP, 3rd Team C -Croppers.

The Lakes School team reps collect thier prizes

Winner of the Large Organisation with the Highest Mileage overall: The Lake District National Park.

Winner of the Large Organisation with the highest mileage per emlpoyee: Wheelbase with 118 miles per employee. 2nd Brathay Trust, 3rd The Lakes School.

Winner of the Small Organisation with the highest mileage and the highest mileage per employee: the Body Rehab with 450 miles per employee. 2nd Designworks, 3rd Seeds for Change Lancaster.

Winner of the team with the most trips by bike: ICT -LDNP with 317 trips. 2nd TWP Wheelers, 3rd Miles -LDNP

Thanks to all who participated and thanks to organiser and SLACC Transport Group convenor Liz Ashburn, Cumbria County Council, Awards for All, the LDNP SDF. Thanks to the Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding Company, the Royalty Cinema in Bowness, Rory from Designworks and Wheelbase for donating prizes. Thanks to Designworks for thier work on the website and the Brewery for hosting the awards.

Keep cycling!

Torchlight cycle parade 2010

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010


Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Have you always wanted to be in the Torchlight? Come and cycle with us at the head of the procession. Wear red and gold or just come along anyway.

Hang lanterns off your bike.

Ride a tandem.

Bring your kids.

Anything goes!

Its all about promoting cycling and having fun. Meet at 6.45 at the Leisure Centre. Any Qs ring 01539 822165. See you on Friday!

bike deco

Torchlight deco #3

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

… much simpler than the bike plane is the crocheted bike seat cover! Isn’t it cute!


Remember that our colour theme for the Torchlight Procession is RED and GOLD. Please wear similar colours to make more of an impact. We want as many cyclists, families, kids and everyone else to turn up with their bikes… so tell your mates! Meet us at 6.45pm at Kendal Leisure Centre, Friday September 10th. Any questions ring Ruth or Lorna on 01539 822165

Torchlight bike decoration #2

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Here’s some more inspiration for you to decorate your bike in time for Kendal Torchlight on 10th Sept…


I hope you’ll come and join us. We want as many cyclists, families, kids and everyone else to turn up with their bikes as possible to make as big an impact as we can! Meet us at 6.45pm at Kendal Leisure Centre

Torchlight by bicycle

Sunday, August 1st, 2010


A few SLACCers are organising a BIKE PARADE to go ahead of the floats at Kendal’s Torchlight procession… yay! We’re looking for as many cyclists as possible to join us making a stand against smelly lorries and for leg power! Its going to be great fun, we’ve got a tricycle sound system oiled up and ready to go so we can bop and groove our way around town. Please come and join us!

The theme of this year’s Torchlight is Celebration, so dig out that dusty old bike and help us celebrate cycling! Thats about as much info as we have so far but if you want to come along and you want more info ring Ruth or Lorna on 01539 822165.

We’ve chosen a colour theme of red and gold, get creative and decorate yourself and your bike. Here’s a bit of bike decoration to get you inspired…

A bike skirt!

Cycle for Toddlers

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Families cycling along the canal path in Kendal

On Sunday parents and kids enjoyed a free guided cycle ride along the traffic-free canal path in Kendal. The ride was led by a SLACC volunteer as part of the Summer of Cycling project. The event aimed to show how easy it can be to cycle with your kids. There are a range of accessories for cycling with children available on the market such as baby seats, tag-a-longs and child trailers.

Kendal is becoming more and more popular with cyclists and the canal path is a safe and convenient route through town avoiding traffic. Kendal residents now have the opportunity to get to know some of the many local short cuts to the town centre, as detailed on SLACC’s new Walking and Cycling Map of Kendal. Visit to request your free map.

The next event is a Mass Cycle Ride in front of the Kendal Torchlight Parade on Friday the 10th of September.

Apples and sunshine (sort of)

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Yesterday’s Staveley Carnival was a great success. Despite the theme being Under Staveley’s Umbrella all the bright colours and funky drumming managed to keep the rain away and coax the sun to come out for an hour or two.

Here are some photos of the carnival costumes

Carnival umbrella

Carnival giant

The joint SLACC, SENS and Apples for All stall was fantastic (even if we do say so ourselves)!!

SENS and Staveley GTi ( had a bike related quiz and gave away 3 pre-loved bikes to 3 lucky winners.

Volunteers were busy on the Apples for All stall encouraging passers-by to press their own apple juice and have a taste, sign up for a free apple tree and come along to our Apple Day on 16th October. Despite promising free apple trees in October we also sold 3 trees grafted by SLOG (

Apples for All!

squished apples and strawberries


As always, contact tsl.abundance[at] if you want to get involved in appley events, we especially need volunteers for our Apple Day on October 16th!

And contact staveleygti[at] ifor more info on the Green Travel Initiative

Kentmere Konundrum – celebrating Bike Week

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

On Sunday, families hunted down clues on their bikes, cycling along the quiet lanes of Staveley and Bowston as part of the WHEELBASE Kentmere Konundrum, assisted by volulunteers from the Staveley Green Travel Initiative (GTi). For a full report, check out

Family searching for clues on the Kentmere Konundrum

Kentmere Konundrum was held on the final day of Bike Week, a national celebration of cycling falling between 19-27th June. Volunteers from the GTi ran a second ‘Dr Bike’ session at Staveley Pavilion on the 19th July and an after school ‘Dr Bike’ at St Oswald’s School in Burneside on the 17th July, helping pupils prepare for masses of cycling during Bike Week.

The next SLACC cycle event will be Cycle for Women, being held on Sat 17th July, dep. 10am from the rear of County Hall in Kendal. A women only ride taking in the best country lanes surrounding Kendal (24 miles approx.). Organised as part of the Summer of Cycling –

Manchester Air Freight Terminal Targeted

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Activists from the group Manchester Plane Stupid have breached airside security at Manchester Airport on Monday 26th May in a protest against the expansion of the airport. The protest involved two groups.

The first group of 6 people cut through the perimeter fence and created a human circle around a stationary plane using arm tube lock-ons.

A second group have used tripods to blockade the road entrance to the World Freight Terminal preventing airfreighted goods from being taken in or out. They have unfurled a banner reading: “More air freight = more climate change. Stop all airport expansion now.”

The group are protesting against the recent decision to expand the World Freight Terminal which will involve the demolition of historic homes on Hasty Lane.

Lisa Jameson from Manchester Plane Stupid said, “This isn’t just about airport expansion or rising carbon emissions. This is about challenging an economic system based on the absurdity of infinite growth on a planet of finite resources, a system which prioritises bail-outs for the banks and then makes us pay for it in public service cuts. Capitalism is the cause of the problem, climate change is just a symptom.”

Following the recent decision to stop expansion at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead airports, the aviation industry is likely to look to regional airports such as Manchester to increase profits.

“The third runway at Heathrow was stopped because ordinary people stood up to the government at the time and the aviation industry using a broad range of tactics. Direct action has historically played an important role in creating social change and will continue to do so.”

The aviation industry consistently overstate their importance in creating jobs and their contribution to the economy.

The lack of tax on aviation fuel is costing the UK economy £9 billion per year. There is also a tourism deficit in the North West region of £2.2 billion.[1] That is the difference between what Britons flying abroad spend in foreign countries and what foreign visitors spend in the North West.

Each round of airport expansion is justified on the promise of more and more jobs. In the 1990s Manchester Airport promised to create 50,000 jobs with the second runway – but the actual number was far lower. We need to begin a just transition to a low carbon economy by creating jobs in sustainable industries such as rail and renewables”

Annie McLaughlin said, “Recently, we’ve seen attempts by British Airways to use the courts to overturn workers’ right to strike. We support the rights of all workers to fight for good conditions. It is essential that the changes needed to prevent climate change are not used as an excuse to restrict workers rights.”

The airport, which is owned by local councils, has kept local residents in the dark about the proposed expansion plans, failing to adequately inform them that their homes face demolition.

McLaughlin continued, “The proposed expansion of the freight terminal makes no sense, economically or environmentally. The existing capacity is not fully utilized and an expansion would simply be a stepping stone to expansion of the airport as a whole, which would be an environmental disaster.”

“ With the planet on the verge of climate breakdown it is essential that the real cost of aviation expansion is taken seriously – currently emissions from aviation are not included in Manchester City Council’s Climate Change Action Plan.”

The protesters say they are locked on to halt emissions and are prepared to stay for as long as it takes to get their message across.